Hi there. I’m Zach.

I’m currently a full time Computer Science student at George Mason University. Here you can find a lot of different information about me and my projects, as well as any blog posts I may write. This website is a personal site, and therefore all opinions here are my own and not that of any person or group I may be affiliated with (unless otherwise specified).

Developer Stuff

If you want to verify who I really am, I’m on Keybase.io @zmknox.

keybase.io profile for zmknox

You can keep up with what I’m working on over on Github: zmknox

You can find inromation on projects I’ve worked on over on my projects page.

The Résumé Part



I realize this about page may not have everything you’re looking for (such as a full resumé) due to privacy concerns. If you would like a full resumé or other information, feel free to contact me