Hi there. I’m Zach.

I’m a software developer and student. On this website you’ll find information about me, my projects, and any blog posts I may write (mostly about my projects or experiences). All content on this site is mine unless otherwise specified, and my opinions do not reflect or represent the views of my exployer or school.

Programming Experience: I have the most experience with Swift (for iOS development), Java (used a lot in school), Node JS, and Python (3, please). I have familliarity with C, but I’ve also only ever written school assignments with it. I can also build a website (like this one) with HTML/CSS, but I wouldn’t really classify that as programming.

Framework Experience: UIKit, Node JS/NPM, ExpressJS, Meteor, Flask, Android, Django, Bootstrap, Material Design Lite

System Experience: macOS (OS X), Linux/UNIX, Windows (including some Windows Server knowledge), Cisco IOS

Tools Experience: git (version control), Visual Studio Code, vim, Xcode, Slack, various office suites

My favorite text editor is Visual Studio Code. Xcode is pretty good too. IntelliJ’s debugger is fantastic.

I also have experience with video editing. Most of my experience is with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. I feel fairly competent at being able to produce decent quality video content with it.


If you want to verify who I really am, I’m on Keybase.io @zmknox.

keybase.io profile for zmknox

You can keep up with what I’m working on over on Github: zmknox

You can find information on projects I’ve worked on over on my projects page.

I realize this about page may not have everything you’re looking for (such as a full résumé). If you would like a full résumé or other information, feel free to contact me.