Building an Effective Swift Playground

Swift Playgrounds for iPad is a really cool tool. It allows us to build experiences using real iOS APIs directly on iOS, and more importantly allows us to combine interactive experiences, code, and prose into a single composition. It’s primarily used to teach kids to write code, but I could see it easily become a nice way to familliarize more experienced developers with a new API or framework in bite sized chunks.

But there are a lot of pieces to the playgrounds format, and a lot you need to keep in mind. I’ve built multiple playgrounds as WWDC scholarshop applications, and have watched or played with many more. With this, I think I’ve gained some insight into how you can make your playground a really great experience. Here are some of my tips to building an effective playground.


WWDC19 Scholarship Application: Vision Disability Filters

WWDC is coming soon, and that means I’ve built a schoarship application Playground again! It’s my second year applying, and the last year I’ll be elligable. This year I built camera filters that show the symptoms of various eye diseases. For example: I’ve got a near-sighted filter, a colorblind filter, and a light sensitive filter. I hope you give it a shot, because I feel like it’s a lot cooler in person than simply watching a video.

As last year, I’ve released my code, essays, and created a video demo if you want to see what I did, or get inspiration for next year!

Update [April 15]: Heading Back to San Jose!

I’m super excited to have won a scholarship for my second (and final) time! See you there!


The Upgradies Hall of Fame

You may remember my interactive draft scorecards for the Upgrade podcast. I’m back at making podcast-based web apps again, this time in a more official capacity.

I’ve worked with Myke Hurley to build a site holding a hall of fame of Upgradies, their annual awards show, winners and runners up:! I had a good time making it, and hope you all enjoy it!


Thoughts on WWDC18

This year, I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship to attend Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. It was a really great conference and I thought I’d share some of my experiences. I didn’t record nearly enough video to make a vlog, so this text and image heavy post will have to suffice.


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